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Faixa Salarial Money CLT: R$ 10.500,00 - R$ 12.000,00
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Requisitos Suitcase Senior(Mais de 6 anos de experiência)
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About the Zenvia Labs Engineering Team:
If you like building software from scratch and are looking to build the next big thing at Zenvia, you've came to the right position.
Our Zenvia Labs team is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help build and launch new products and tools, from zero to one.
That's an exciting position that'll give you full responsibility over Zenvia's future!
Here you will be responsible for:
  • Defining software architecture and stack (choose your weapons!);
  • Designing and building APIs and microservices (REST and event-driven);
  • Working closely with stakeholders and PMs to build software according to defined requirements;
  • Maintaining and observing the application as the first users start using it;
  • Evolve and scale! Remember you're building the next big thing!
  • Researching and developing proof-of-concept pieces of software that could bring the team some advantages;
  • Proactively bringing your own ideas.


O que você precisa?

Tecnologias Necessárias

You’re a strong candidate if you have:
  • Solid knowledge in Node.js - that's how most of our current projects are written with. Java or other langues would be a plus;
  • Solid knowledge of a front-end framework. At Zenvia Labs we use mostly React, but you're free to work with whatever you want for new tools;
  • Experience with async, event-driven microservices;
  • Basic knowledge of cloud providers - we have some things running both in AWS and GCloud;
  • Analytical skills and problem-solving attitude;
  • Great team player with the ability to work with minimal supervision.
You are ahead if you have some knowledge in:
  • Kafka or messaging architecture;
  • Kubernetes;
  • Continuous integration;
  • Software testing automation.

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Cidade São Paulo - SP
Endereço Av. Paulista, 2300 18º andar – conj. 182 e 184 Bela Vista
Porte Grande Porte

Communication became a complex task for business, even more with all the possibilities of the digital area. This is why we are driven by the purpose of empowering companies to create unique experiences for customer communications through our unified end-to-end platform.Our unified end-to-end CX communications platform provides a combination of SaaS (Software as a Service) focused on campaigns, sales teams, customer service and engagement; tools, such as software application programming interfaces (or APIs), chatbots, journey designer, documents composer and authentication; and channels, such as SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Instagram and Webchat.Our comprehensive platform assists our customers across multiple use cases, including marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, customer onboarding, warnings, customer services, fraud control, cross-selling and customer retention, among others.Do you know when you authenticate an app using an SMS code? This is us. Or when you have a chat with a support channel in Messenger or a website? Also us. Have you ever changed the invoice payment date over a chatbot? Yup, you’re right, us again.So after all, we impact daily the life of a huge amount of people. Interesting, right?SHAPING THE NEW empresaThroughout these 18 years, empresa acquired 7+ companies and is made of almost 800 employees (you can call us Humanz) that are around the globe.empresa was elected by the Great Place to Work 2020 as one of the best companies in the technology sector in Brazil. Also, we were named as one of the top 1K Brazilian companies by IstoÉ Dinheiro, an important Brazilian business magazine.Also in 2020, we started our international expansion and today we are already empowering over 10 thousand companies in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.And our journey is just beginning.empresa ANYWHERE
We believe in a more free future, in which people can have the liberty to work wherever they are, to contribute in their own way, and be happy. Just as simple as that!empresa Anywhere was created with the mission of rethinking the way we work, based on trends and researches about the future, in which remote work is the highlight. We want to break the geographical barriers and the walls of the offices to immerse ourselves in the future of work, building an increasingly strong organization. We count on our amazing team to build that future together.empresa is not at any specific place, empresa is where everyone is!OUR ROCKET HAS NO REVERSE
empresa is growing fast, we are always looking for multipliers that bring new perspectives to work while partnering with different teams. We are seeking enthusiastic people who are willing to be part of this huge digital transformation.
Loved it? We bet! Join our rocket, after all, it has no reverse :) 

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