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O que você irá fazer?

- We follow the Lean Software method to translate business requirements into software
decisions: Just-in-Time Decision Making, Value Stream Mapping, Waste Identification, Cost
Estimation, Kanban, Sprint Planning, Scrum
- We follow Extreme Programming principles and its natural results, including an AWS-first
services oriented architecture, rapid prototyping and iteration, test driven development,
continuous integration, and pair programming
- We use Pulumi to manage our DevOps process using reusable software components
- We write microservices using Docker and related AWS cloud-native tools
- We maintain separate production and staging environments to promote rapid releases and
business user acceptance testing
- Our first application is written in the Python Flask MVC web application framework
- We model business ontology and relationships using SQLAlchemy on a Postgres database
- We use to communicate daily goals with our teammates
- We use Kanban boards in Github to scope technical work
- We coordinate on broader Kanban business priorities with other business units using Wrike
- We communicate architecturally significant or commercially significant technical decisions
through the Architecture Decision Record method
- We rely heavily on open source tools, and we encourage you to contribute back to the open
source community

About You
- You want to create a positive impact in the world
- You are skilled at writing code, and want to apply your skills to high-impact commercial
- You have an intense focus on performance, proactively engaging with teammates, making
decisions on software independently, and meeting commercial deadlines
- You are thoughtful; before acting, you take time to understand business process, organize
requirements and constraints, design only necessary solutions, and do not over-commit
- You communicate in both the language of business and software, building trust with
colleagues, documenting decisions, and proactively soliciting feedback
- You are curious, constantly learning new tools and best practices for commercial software
development and management by attending conferences, reading, and regularly contributing
to professional network groups
- You are reliable and keep a cool head even in stressful situations
- You are passionate about helping to build a business that is at the forefront of the global
transition to a low carbon energy system

- You have written software for 3-5 years; you may not have professional experience
- You have produced high-quality software in scripting and compiled languages (Python, Java)
- You are proficient in version control (Git) for continuous release, testing, and integration
- You are familiar with relational database theory, modeling, and practical design (PostgreSQL)
- You customize and automate routine linux configurations and command line tasks (Docker)
- You are comfortable with basic linux command line tools, computer networking, and security
- You have basic experience working with infrastructure-as-a-service providers (AWS),
cloud-native tools (Lambdas, ECS)
- You have basic experience using DevOps tools for infrastructure management (Pulumi,
- You have strong verbal and written technical communication skills in Portuguese

- You have contributed to open source packages or software projects on the internet
- You have 2-3 years professional experience, ideally in software consulting or in equivalent
non-technical software engagement scenarios
- You have strong English language skills, especially technical reading and writing
- You have experience working in the power, renewables, or financial industry


O que você precisa?

Tecnologias Necessárias

Python AWS
Tecnologias Desejáveis

PostgreSQL Docker Flask

About the Role
The Software Developer will report to the Director of Technology (to be hired) in São Paulo and will
have the following day-to-day responsibilities:
- Actively participate in our software change management, communication, and decision
making processes in collaboration with the Director
- Develop trust with critical business stakeholders in sales, engineering, finance and legal, by
soliciting regular feedback from colleagues, meeting commercial deadlines, and delivering
high quality software
- Participate in our daily Standup process, to communicate and plan work with teammates
- Participate in our weekly sprint planning Kanban process, to prioritize software requests from
business units based on measured value and cost to implement
- Break up software development tasks independently into individual tickets, and check in
code with unit and/or regression tests on a daily continuous release cycle
- Model complex and critical billing, electrical engineering, construction, asset management,
financial reconciliation, and reporting processes in collaboration with leadership
- Identify repetitive manual tasks, complexity, coordination, or slow human processes where
software may improve quality, promote efficiency, or reduce the risk of mistakes
- Create reports to help leadership improve commercial decisions, promote new business, and
maintain critical existing customers
- Write software within company coding style and quality guidelines, perform necessary
infrastructure maintenance, write and maintain unit and regression tests
- Ask for support or pair program with six senior software developers working with sister
companies of Faro based in the United States, include core contributors to open source
projects include Apache Server, Clojure, and OpenStack; you will be the only software
developer working on Faro’s 20-person team for the foreseeable future
- Make hard compromises to meet commercial requirements, manage expectations with your
manager, and communicate technical constraints as early as possible

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Onde você vai trabalhar?

Cidade São Paulo - SP
Porte Pequeno Porte

empresa is an investment company that identifies, develops and finances solar energy projects in Brazil for large commercial clients. Faro is a certified B-Corp with a strong focus on creating positive social and environmental impact. Our goal is to enhance the growth and sophistication of the renewable energy market in Brazil and to provide access to renewable energy to customers that wouldn’t normally have access. At the same time, we support the small landowners who rent their land to Faro, and we contribute to the small municipalities where we locate our solar plants. We bring international capital and project execution best practices to bear in ways that allow our clients in the region to access best-in-class technology while simultaneously providing our investors compelling returns on capital and producing outsized social and environmental impact. We link rural communities to new economic opportunities that create jobs, increase municipal revenues and support local economies

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